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Introducing VoiceoverGPT

AI voiceovers for your demos

Just upload a screen recording and automatically get an AI voiceover for it.

Upload a file & check it out! Recommend using a shorter video (30s - 1min) for testing.

Duration: 0.00 seconds|Frame Rate: 0.00 FPS|Resolution: 0x0
Estimated Cost: $0.00

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  • Videos up to 1 minute long
  • 720p uploads
  • Use your own API key



  • Videos up to 3 mins long
  • 1080p uploads
  • 10 credits for voiceovers



  • Videos up to 5 mins long
  • 4K uploads
  • 30 credits for voiceovers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoiceoverGPT?

How does VoiceoverGPT work?

What formats does VoiceoverGPT support?

What are the length limits for an uploaded video?

How do credits work?

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